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Research requires a lot of time and attention but when presenting your research, it really pays off


Research Topic: From East to West: How do Muslim Immigrant Students Deal with the Difficulties of Belonging to Multiple Cultures, and How Does this Affect their Sense of Identity Graduation Year: 2025

Undergraduate Research in the Neighborhoods

Shahad’s research project aimed to investigate key struggles of coping with more than one culture and addressed ways to deal with these problems. In addition, it focused on the psychological effects this has on the identity of students and what they did in order to fit in. Data collection methods included interviews with 5 students’ analysis of online forms and social media profiles and looking at artifacts. The results of this study were that many of the participants found themselves caught between both their American culture and their culture of origin. The longer they lived in America, the more they adapted to the culture and learned to embrace things that make them different while also preserving things that they have in common. Participants indicated that they focused on merging the two cultures to form a culture of their own and that they should never conceal their identity to fit in a culture.

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